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Balloon & Prop Packages

All of our packages are priced before delivery/setup/pickup fees and do not include tax.
Our minimum for all setups is $1000. Custom packages are available upon request.

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From fresh to preserved to silk arrangements and gifts, we offer a wide range of selection. If you want to order something you do not see, fill out our online form.

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Our Story

On March 24, 2020 we received the devastating news, that the matriarch of our family was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cholangiocarcinoma. We said a painful goodbye to her on May 26, 2020, 70 short days after her diagnosis. Those 70 days were filled with immense fear, anxiety and emotional pain, as we watched the woman who was our rock wither away. During her very brief battle with cholangiocarcinoma, my mother taught us what it meant to be courageous and brave. Although she knew that her prognosis was not good, she fought so hard to stay with us. Now, I have to continue the fight for her. 

In October 2020, my youngest daughter celebrated her 10th birthday, her first birthday without her grandmother. Shortly after she opened her presents, she approached me with her birthday money in hand and said, “Mommy, I want you to donate this money for bile duct cancer research.” That’s how VIVI FIORI was born, out of an unwavering love between a granddaughter and her grandmother. 

VIVI FIORI was named after my daughter and my mother. VIVI is my daughter’s nickname and FIORI came from my mother’s name and her nickname was Flower. 

My mother had a passion for her family and all the simple things that came along with it. She showed us all how a little kindness, generosity and tenderness can overcome many difficulties in life. Throughout her brief struggle with cancer, she continued to show that empathy for others. VIVI FIORI is in honour of her beautiful legacy and memories of a life well lived and loved. 

Our products have been carefully selected and handcrafted to represent the beautiful person she was. Our hope is that through our products, you will experience the same joy, love and peace my mother brought into this world. 

For each VIVI FIORI product sold, the net profit will be donated to The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation in my mother’s name for research. It is our hope and wish that a cure for bile duct cancer will be found in our lifetimes. 

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